SAED Ethiopia Association wants to build bridges between classes in Europe and the Kaffa highlands. Our children should become aware of what it means to grow up in utter poverty, and away from all amenities – including water and a toilet. We want to motivate them to undertake a small project, to bring it to fruition, and to see the results. In the past couple of months we visited schools in Losone, Brissago and Cevio and explained to the children what it means to live in Kaffa, and what we are doing to help to improve living standards.

Example N°1: Students at Korbinian-Aigner-Gymnasium, in Erding/Germany each year carry out a Christmas market. The proceeds support Warwara kindergarten.

Example N°2: Secondary School at Losone/Switzerland carried out a Christmas market. Proceeds will go toward buying school desks for Agaro Bushi Elementary School.

Example N°3: In occasion of the graduation party 2012/2013 the children at Primary School in Brissago/Svizzerland sold with great success small handicrafts made by themselves. Proceeds support the purchase of school desks for Agaro Bushi Elementary School.

Example N°4: As part of an awareness campaign for the careful use of drinking water primary school children in Cevio/Switzerland are preparing a handicraft market. The proceeds will support the water project in Agaro Bushi.


The journalist Paolo Storelli will transfer the entire profits from the sale of his book

Paolo Storelli, Storie di lago. Il Verbano in pace e in guerra, Editione Verbano, Locarno

to our account for contributions to SAED ETIOPIA

The book can be ordered either directly from P. Storelli, Tel.091 791 52 31, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or from the Tipografia Verbano, Casella postale 735, CH 6601 Locarno, Switzerland.

paolo storelli