Warwara: the kindergarten also serves a midday meal:

The kindergarten was built in 2008 and inaugurated in 2009. Little Sister Suor Askale Mariam oversees this project with utmost dedication and extraordinary consideration. This small complex comprises two well lighted classrooms with ample space for the children, a small dwelling for the teachers, and an annex which houses a dining room and the adjoining kitchen.

A water tank stores drinkable water. 120-130 children attend kindergarten. Beginners and more advanced children are cared for in separate sections. A good number of children walk long distances to reach the school and attend classes. 

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The staff comprises two teachers and an auxiliary. They provide basic skills as well as hygiene lessons: children are taught how to use the toilet, how to clean it after use, and how important it is to wash one’s hands afterward.

Two cooks provide a simple, balanced meal at lunchtime. Our food program has proved itself an invaluable tool for offsetting malnutrition. Already after a few months one could observe the positive effects of a healthy diet for the well-being of the children.

Here a view of the buildings:

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Agaro Bushi Junior Clinic: our community based primary health-care point

Agaro Bushi is about 90 minutes on foot from Warwara. We chose this locality as site for the small clinic for two reasons: it hosts the only elementary school located in the catching area of our projects and it hosts also an important market once a week, where farmers sell and trade their wares.

SAED ETIOPIA and the Apostolic Vicariate of Jimma/Bonga have decided to undertake this project in partnership signing on this purpose an official agreement. The Clinic begun service in August 2011. Our main objective is to provide a quality based and sustainable primary health-care service accessible to the whole population, regardless of religion, opinion, gender, ethic origin and social status.

The outpatient facility is very basic – not to say downright Spartan. Apart from the most necessary fittings and medical instruments it is equipped with a solar-powered refrigerator and four light bulbs for night-time emergencies. A water tank provides the necessary drinking water. We have just completed a small service building containing laundry and kitchen and a dwelling for the medical staff.

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Two nurses and an auxiliary share the duties. A clerk deals with registration of patients. The population much appreciates this reliable supply of basic health care services. The clinic provides first aid and basic medical services. We also target individual behavior: numerous are the infectious diseases, which can be prevented through simple hygiene rules.

Among expectant women and after delivery death rates are shocking: in our area they are 10 times higher than the figures for the country as a whole. We are trying to secure a midwife. Finding a properly trained person willing to live and work in such a remote area has proven most difficult. This is compounded by the fact that lack of all-weather roads indirectly contributes to the death rates.

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 Our out-patient facility is to become a competent centre for advise in matters concerning pregnancy, infant care and family planning. Our major difficulty is finding qualified staff. We are expanding our contact network in the assured hope of fulfilling our dream.

New initiatives ready to be implemented - Agaro Bushi Elementary School:

In our area of concentration there is only one primary school (first through 8th grade). Nearly 900 pupils attend school and the classrooms are invariably overcrowded. The school lacks toilet facilities as well as drinking water.

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In 2010 the local people wrote a letter to SAED ETIOPIA asking for remedy to the situation. We have decided to undertake new projects, which will be started in February/March 2013:

Realization of three supplementary classrooms

Equipment of the classrooms for 100 children each 

Realization of separate toilet facilities for girls and boys

progettoTwo important water supply projects are also on the drawing board. The realization of these projects will improve the village infrastructure significantly. The elementary school will profit from this installation.