The village projects could not have been realized without trustworthy partners on the site - without their continual engagement, it would not have been possible for us to carry on with our goals.

vescovo pMonsignor Markos Gebremedhin Catholic Bishop of Jimma/Bonga

Our projects are under the patronage of Monsignor Markos. Since the beginning of taking up his office Bishop Markos has supported our initiatives with a great deal of good will (see his letter under “Statements”). SAED ETIOPIA and the Apostolic Vicariate have combined their efforts by setting up a primary health-care service in Agaro Bushi. A partnership agreement was signed in August 2011. With a dependable local partner at his side, SAED ETIOPIA has provided a solid basis for the clinic project.put the clinic project. Further initiatives supervised by the bishop’s team are ready to be implemented.

petite soeurPetite Soeur Askale Mariam de Jésus, Fraternité, Wushwush

Sister Askale Mariam’s dream has always been to give a sign of hope – and much more - to the rural population living isolated in the mountains of Kaffa. Together we have embarked on this hopefully enduring adventure. As our mutual commitment deepens, slowly and steadily, we are confident that we can realize a small miracle for the children of Warwara. Sister Askale Mariam is currently in charge of the kindergarten. She is also responsible for personnel and for training.

alemayehu newAbba Mathewos Hailemichael

Monsignor Markos Gebremedhin has assigned Abba Mathewos Hailemichael to be the project coordinator of Agaro Bushi Junior Clinic. Abba Mathewos and his team are responsible for management and for administration. He is our intermediary and negotiates with the local and district authorities.