The Associazione SAED Etiopia (SAED Etiopia Association), located in Losone /Switzerland, is officially recognized by non-profit non-government organization (NGO); it is apolitical, a-confessional, and non-profit. Founded in 2009, this NGO has joined FOSIT (Federation of ONGs from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland) in 2012.

The name SAED Etiopia is an acronym for: HEALTH and EDUCATION for rural Ethiopia. It expresses the aim of our organization: to promote and support health and education projects in one of the poorest and most challenged rural regions in south-west Ethiopia. Our main goal is to provide concrete assistance toward improving the quality of life of peasants.

SAED Etiopia
Promotes and supports projects in basic health and education, especially those targeting women and children.
Cooperates with [Operates through] local partners, which undertake responsibly and autonomously to run the projects seeded by SAED Etiopia.
Promotes and financially assists development projects initiated and run autonomously by rural communities, small co-operatives and associations in the area of health, education, and nutrition.


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